SORRY for taking so long to update this.  life is quite distracting and sitting down to write about your daily life while having meetings, planning talks, taking photos, dealing with sporadic electricity (thus internet) blackouts is not as easy as it sounds.

a few weeks ago I came across a post on, which introduced me to this fabulous woman, Maud Wagner, the first female tattoo artist in the United States, and to this fabulous article, “Revolting Bodies: The Monster Beauty of Tattooed Women,” on the history and societal statement tattooed feminine bodies make.  unfortunately, canonball won’t load the article anymore, but both things are def worth checking out!

inspired by fabulous maud wagner, i started contemplating my next tattoo.  ever since leaving mongolia five years ago, i knew i would be getting a mongolian script tattoo.  yes, i know, i am a foreigner in mongolia and am getting an ancient mongolian script tattoo (how cliche!) but the script is just so prewwwwttttttttttty!

Ancient Mongolian Script

so if you are planning to get a tattoo in Mongolia, it seems like there are two reputable places you can go (at least that have been recommended to me). last time I was in Mongolia, I went with Brandt to a location very close to the state department store to check out the facilities.  i did not head there this time, but this woman did, who got a very sexy mongolian script tattoo down her spine:

amaraa took me to the matrix salon (two blocks west of the state department store on peace ave) and in the back was a room for the supposedly ‘best’ tattoo artist in mongolia.  i can not judge those things, but I AM happy with the results.

since i am here in Mongolia doing research on women and how they view their bodies, i decided i wanted a female empowerment tattoo.  unfortunately in the few short weeks i have been here, the influence of western and korean body influences have become quite apparent in the city.  ask a young girl what is beautiful, and she will list all the things she is not.  so i decided on the phrase “эмэгтэй хүн бүр өөр өөрий гэсэн үзэсгэлэнтэй” or “Every woman is uniquely beautiful” in the form of the women’s sign, in reaction to the cultural cult of thinness and universal beauty pornography (to use naomi wolf’s term) that tells us we need to look like models and diet/workout/throw-up/operate ourselves to beauty.

anyway, here are some pictures of the progression:

the sketch

starting the tattooing process


maybe one day i’ll be as fab as maud wagner (sorry parents):