In March of 2011, I started my Fulbright grant on modern Mongolian female body and beauty ideals. I have now spent the last year of my life traveling across this wide and beautiful country, living with nomadic herders, single-mothers in mining villages, shamans, and parliament members and have asked all of them what they think is beautiful. What I have found is a complex web of tradition and modernity, nomadism and capitalism, gender chaos, stories of Mongol queens not forgotten, and the quest to create a unique identity in this globalizing world.

Based in Berlin, born in D.C. and raised on two continents.

Би монголд хүмүүс сэтгэлдээ бодож юм, төсөөлэж явдаг гоо саихан, үзэмжийн тухай судалгаа хийж баигаа.